Dr Patrick Sookhdeo

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo is a fervent social activist who actively defends human liberties. His work in Charity and activism began in the 1970s where he combatted racism and different types of discrimination towards ethnic minorities, particularly within the church. Similarly, he today contests the Islamists and Islamo-Fascists who wish to diminish societies into religious totalitarian social structures which brings about the denial of the rights of women, converts and non-Muslim minorities.

Sookhdeo has been an unceasing advocate for social justice. This incorporates the freedom of each person to choose their religion, the rights of women to full equality, and the rights of minorities against prejudice and disdain. Patrick Sookhdeo has overseen campaigns to make known the vulnerability of Iraqi Christians, to end the Apostasy Law in Islam, and to make fundamental changes to religious hatred legislation in the UK.

Whilst in his position as International Director of the Barnabas Fund, he directed the provision of practical and spiritual help to Christians who were persecuted for their faith. Representing Barnabas Fund, he also worked to voice the unheard pleas of the persecuted Christian minorities.  As a result of Sookhdeo’s endeavours, thousands of persecuted Christians have achieved proper treatment and an increased standard of living.  Patrick Sookhdeo firmly believes that every single person is made in the image of God and have unassailable rights to life and freedom.


Lecturer of Theology

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo has taught at numerous academic and government institutions all around the globe.  Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he lectured at various theological institutions in the UK, including Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and Ridley Hall, Cambridge and Oak Hill Theological College.  Here, his role was to train clergy and missionaries about culture and religion.  Due to his research with IISIC, throughout 1990s and 2000s he acted as advisor for the Special Branch of the British Police Force, as well as the British Army and NATO and in the US.  His involvement was to convey knowledge on Iraqi and Afghan culture, religions and social structure as well as religion in the UKI. His involvement here resulted in the discovery of various radical Islamist organisations, as well as eased the recovery process of afflicted Afghans.

Man of Charity through Barnabas Funds

Patrick Sookhdeo and his wife founded the Barnabas Fund in response to the need to relieve the persecuted Christian minorities of their sufferings.  Christian minorities around the world are ceaselessly subjugated to discrimination, violence and prosecution by Islamic regimes.  The Barnabas Fund steps in to right the inequality imposed by their subjugators in hopes to provide them with a proper standard of living.  Because of their efforts, thousands of persecuted Christians are now able to live with the basic necessities of life thanks to the generous efforts made by Patrick Sookhdeo and the Barnabas Fund.